Current Projects

JLL focuses on several community service projects every year. Each JLL member is to select one volunteer program which will be their placement for the League year. The objective is to provide meaningful volunteer opportunities for members through continuous involvement with one organization and their program participants. In addition to these ongoing programs, we will also have occasional short-term projects at various points during the year to maximize our community impact. (e.g. winter coat drive).

The ClothesLine program provides free clothing to youth in LPS middle and high schools. Clothing closets are maintained within participating schools.

The Junior League of Lincoln partnered with The HUB to offer a household goods for young adults transitioning to independence.

Since diapers can cost anywhere between $70 to $80 a month per baby, most parents who experience diaper need must decide on whether they can provide diapers or some other necessity for their families that month. Despite the apparent need, there are still no federal or state child safety-net programs that provide funding specifically for the purchase of diapers.